Other creatures

In our home, except for our wolfhounds, there is a couple of other animals. We don’t really call them “animals”, we look at them more like beings, creatures or even something taken from a fairy tale. Of course we are talking about afghan hounds and cats.

Vindaloo Little Soul, ”Aska”
(Multi Champion Jangel’s Cliffhanger x Multi Champion Khaos Zingoalla)
Born: 2010-04-19
Owner: Eva Lundström Geirtz

Aska about 2 years old.

In swedish, “Aska” means “Ashes”. Aska is an affectionate and genuinely friendly dog ​​that automatically takes the role as aunt, becomes play friend and chew toy for our wolfhound puppies. She is the perfect family dog! She is fantastic together with all other dogs, she’s great with children and will gladly jump up the sofa to be scratched and contribute with a little warmth when you’re cold. Aska is trotting around in the yard looking as dignified as only an afghan can, the next thing you know – she runs like mad with her tongue hanging outside the corner of her mouth. Aska has been entered to a few open shows, shown by Eva & Julia with BOB placement. Aska also participated at the Lure coursing field and trailer hare trainings which she appreciate.

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